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Heading to another state to keep warm? We have you covered! Most snowbirds head south for the winter, but we can transport your car to any location you choose! Our seasonal customers count on us year in and year out to transport their cars back and forth for different seasons!



Whether you are buying, selling, or trading vehicles, we have the right truck available for your needs. If you are in the market for selling or buying a car, call a company you can trust for your transport!



Every year thousands of individuals are relocating and choose American Car Transporters to move their vehicles. Whether it’s a private move or corporate relocation, we have the flexibility and experience to accommodate your specific transport needs.



Heading off to college can be stressful enough, call American Car Transporters for a seamless service! We offer trustworthy and reliable transport services that you and your children can depend on! Call us for an A+ experience!

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Open Car Transport
Open Car Transport
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  • Our son called to say our Subaru arrived on time, and all went well. Thanks to Mitch and Ashley for a fine job. The car was delivered in a reasonable time at an affordable price in accordance with the original quote. We appreciate the fine professional service they both gave us and would be happy to recommend American Car Transporters, Inc. The first scheduled carrier had to cancel the day the car was to be picked up because of mechanical problems, but we had a second carrier assigned within days without any increase from the original price quoted. We were sending a car from Florida to Massachusetts during the middle of winter, so that probably made things a little easier for us than going in the other direction.

    Bill Subaru-Punta Gorda to Quincy
  • Moving is stressful enough...which is why I'm thankful that my experience with American Car Transporters was STRESS FREE! Russell was extremely helpful and made the entire process simple. He and Ashley kept me in the loop at all times as to when my beloved Corvette would be picked up and dropped off. My car arrived on schedule and in the same pristine condition I had left it in, in Illinois. I would recommend American Car Transporters to anyone who wanted to remove one more stressful task from the moving process. Thanks guys!

    Stephan Stress Free Move
  • I Just wanted to say Thank you for all of your help to Russell McClure and Ashley. I was very skeptical in the beginning dealing with a broker, but they assured me that there would be no complications with shipping my vehicle, and they were right. Mission towing transported my vehicle from Florida to Philadelphia and it arrived earlier than I was told. It was in good condition when I received it. Also Melvis who was the driver was very accommodating. thank you again.

    Tom Upfront and honest
  • Moving cross country is very stressful, these guys made it very easy and helped me get my car from Washington to New York. They were kind and understanding of my needs for my move. They worked around my schedule for pickup and delivered the car on time as promised. they kept me up to date throughout the process and were available to me for any updates or questions. The carrier they hired was also very nice. I highly recommend using them for your transport move.

    Jack Excellent Service



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