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Open Car TransportAre you looking for an open car transport service in the United States? Open Car Transport is the least expensive option when researching car transport options. Open car transport is the most popular option because it is an economical method for getting your vehicle to a new location.

If you are moving for work, school or the military, or for other reasons, open car transport is a great choice.

American Car Transporters is a full-service transport company that can transport all your vehicles – whether it’s a car, boat, SUV, motorcycle, or large truck. Our transport experts can answer all your questions so you have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

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What Is An Open Trailer?

Open car transport means that your vehicle will be shipped outdoors on an open trailer. The car transport trailer may be hauling as many as 10 vehicles at a time. However, if the length of the transport is short, fewer vehicles may be placed on the car transport trailer.

During the open car transport process, your vehicle will be exposed to outdoor elements. However, there are ways to prepare your vehicle for transport to protect the car from these elements.

  • Thoroughly wash and wax your vehicle
  • If possible, retract or remove your antenna
  • Remove any custom accessories

The professionals at American Car Transporters can answer any questions you may have about open car transport. If you’re worried about using an open car transport trailer, we also offer enclosed car transport. The option is available for all vehicles and will ensure your vehicle is not exposed to bad weather, dirt, and other debris while on the road.

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Choosing open car transport services will save you time and money. By choosing to have your vehicle transported, you are saving money on travel-related expenses and you will not have to worry about fuel costs and wear and tear that comes with a long road trip.

American Car Transporters is experienced in using open car transport for a variety of vehicles, including boats, large trucks, SUVs, compact cars, and more.

We understand how important it is that your vehicle is well taken care of during transport. Our priority is the safety of your vehicle and making sure it arrives at its new destination on time. We always go the extra mile and have established ourselves as a leader in the car transport industry.

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