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The Most Reliable Auto Transport Quotes

American Car Transporters is a full-service, nationwide auto transportation specialist. We use highly dependable vehicle transporters, offering a safe door-to-door auto transport service, with full insurance coverage for your vehicles. Getting a car shipping quote online can be quick and simple. Just fill out the form to the right and you will receive auto transport quotes via email. We will never give out your information to any third-party companies when giving information for your car shipping quotes.

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enclosed car transport

Enclosed Car Transport

  • Trailers with side walls and roof.
  • Used more vehicles that are classics, hot rods, upper end, or have high dollar paint jobs.
  • Vehicles that have low clearance.
  • Also, varies in size.

Overall Advantages:

Protected from outside elements, higher insurance protection.

Overall Disadvantages:

Higher cost, width, and height restrictions for vehicles; Less Common.

enclosed car transport

Open Car Transport

  • The most common method for shipping a vehicle.
  • It is an open-top and side trailer that can vary in size, from a 1-car flat hauler, to a 10-car dual level hauler.
  • Trailers that haul between 8-10 cars are the most common, and each has their own advantages.

Overall Advantages:

Less expensive, more readily available.

Overall Disadvantages: 

Vehicle is exposed to the elements.

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