Transporting Cars for Auto Dealers

Dealership Car Transport | USA

Get the Fast and Reliable Service You Deserve

American Car Transporters is qualified for every type of move – dealer to dealer, dealer to individual customer, individual customer to dealer, auction to the dealer, dealer to auction, or auction to auction. We provide one of the best dealership car transport services in the United States.

Flexible in Your Transport Needs

American Car Transporters has spent over a decade building relationships with thousands of carriers to ensure availability for every move. Our vast network of over 12,000 reliable carriers enables us to offer a solution to all your transport needs.

What are your shipping requirements? We offer open car transport and enclosed car transport, as well as expedited services to create the exact experience you require.

Full-loads to Single Units

Need a full truckload? No problem: When you have a large number of vehicles to move, you can count on American Car Transporters to get the job done.

Moving only a single unit? No problem: American Car Transporters offers a range of services from only 1 unit to full truckloads. Even if you only have a small number of units to move, American Car Transporters can meet your needs.

We move every type of vehicle including motorcycles, trikes, non-running vehicles, trailers, RVs, watercraft, and more.

Dependable Pricing and Delivery

American Car Transporters can provide pricing based on your specific requirements. We offer live pricing to make sure your quotes are accurate and fit the needs of your transport

Our dispatch team is ready to move your car! Once an order has been placed we can quickly dispatch your vehicle to set up scheduling and transit times. We offer flexibility in scheduling to ensure your desired shipping dates are met.

We want you to take care of the buying and selling, we will take care of the rest.

You can focus on building your business. We understand that inventory is key to running a successful dealership. The sooner you have the car on the lot, the sooner you can sell it. With our experienced logistics managers and access to over 12,00 carriers, American Car Transporters will quickly assign your vehicle to a carrier. We are one of the industry leaders in single-unit moves, helping you save time and money.

Out-of-State New Customers?

The car buying process has never been easier with online platforms, enabling customers to buy vehicles from anywhere in the United States. Dealers have turned to many different avenues to enable their sales online and reach a larger customer base without geographical restrictions. Selling a vehicle to a customer across the country? American Car Transporters has you covered. With our door-to-door service, we can quickly and safely transport your customer’s new purchases directly to their doorstep.

Volume and Multiple Vehicle Transport Discount

Purchasing a large fleet of vehicles for your dealership? We have you covered. We can provide several trucks to transport any amount of vehicles you are purchasing. When purchasing multiple vehicles, we can provide a multi-car discount to alleviate some of your shipping costs whether it’s an auction to the dealer, manufacturer to dealer, or dealer to dealer. We provide safe and timely transport to make sure your vehicles arrive in the same condition they were purchased.

We place a large emphasis on providing outstanding customer service. Our logistic managers have over 10 years of experience in providing transport solutions and customer service to ensure the transport goes smoothly. Your experience determines our success!

We have a complete shipping solution for dealers’ transporting needs.

We service a network of dealerships coast to coast. Car dealerships face many challenges including seasonal changes when the need for transportation rises in a short timeframe. We understand the unique challenges dealers face and provide a harmonious experience for our partnered dealerships. We use a door-to-door service. Contact us for the best dealership car transport services in the United States.