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We can help, American Car Transporters is a full service car transport company offering you a custom quote in just seconds to ship your vehicle. Miami’s warm weather year round makes it a major origin/destination for carriers all year long. If you relocating for work or school, or purchasing a vehicle American Car Transporters can get your Miami car transport done!  Whether it’s open or enclosed trailer you’re looking for and our customer satisfaction guarantee you will be happy you have chosen American Car Transporters.

Miami Car Transport

When considering a Miami car transport,  here is some information to keep in mind.

Miami is the second largest city in Florida and is located at the southern part of the state making Miami car transport a big part of the city.  Miami is an international banking/finance center and is a leader in bio-medical technology. Miami is also home to about 400,000 residents and is known vastly as a year round resort center.  Being a major city and containing a large port, Miami is a favorable place for carriers and ideal for Miami car transport.

Miami becomes extremely popular destination for thousands of people every winter during the months of September through December, as many of residents from the North East and Mid West head to South Florida for the warm weather.  It becomes popular again from March through May as they head back as the weather starts to warm. During these months, Miami car transport is highly desirable and the price will increase due to the demand of trucks.  However if you are shipping in the opposite direction, you can get a discounted rate.

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