The fascination with automobiles has grown over the last few decades. Our society has evolved to where are car is a representation of us, our social status, or how wealthy we are. We also have become more emotionally attached to our vehicle. Every day we see owners constantly checking for new chips and scratches, waiting in line to wash and polish their car, or getting their vehicle modified in some fashion. This growing obsession with automobiles has translated into a big business for auto transport specialists.

The business of shipping cars is a $12 billion dollar industry with an annual growth of around 5% each year.

This equates to continued high demand for quality and reputable auto transport specialist. So exactly how does the auto transport service work? Depending on what the consumer needs are it can vary drastically from one spectrum to another.

Car dealerships are one of the biggest customers for these companies. The dealerships have realized the potential for online cars sales and how beneficial and economical it is to run and online sales shop. Each sale means that someone must transport that vehicle from one destination to another. This type of selling is not just limited to the United States. Many consumers have begun expanding their searches to other countries. Which means auto transport businesses must be able to handle International orders.

Along with the car dealerships, the typical customer who needs to have their automobile transported to a new location is still a big business.

Every day, someone has to move, whether it is because of a new job or getting military orders to move. These type of customers require a quality transport specialist that can handle all the customs forms and processing paper involved for transporting a vehicle.

There are many travel regulations and rules that go along with transporting a vehicle. International destinations just add to the complicated process. So it is in the customer’s best interest to find a reputable and experience company that specializes in shipping cars. The last thing a customer wants is to find out that their vehicle has been delayed, or even worse, been damaged during the transport. Luckily, there is one auto transport company that you can put your trust in and that is the American Car Transporters. A five star rated company that puts the customer need first. So give them a call and find out why they are the best.