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10 Reasons To Ship A Vehicle with Professional

The most common reason to ship a vehicle is relocation, often due to a career transition. However, there are many other reasons, from the strange and unusual to the unique, that someone may arrange to have their car shipped from point A to point B. Here are a few you may not have thought of and that you may find you need in the future.

1. Families of Military Service Members

Service members often get transferred from one base to another. When military families need to move, shipping a vehicle can make the move smoother and easier. Their personal vehicles will be ready and waiting at their new base.

2. College Students

When kids go off the college, they may wish to have a car at their new destination. A sprawling, crowded campus with an off-campus apartment miles away or the chilly weather in northern climates can make transportation problematic. Parents can ship a vehicle, giving their college-age children reliable car transportation.

3. Retirees, Snowbirds, and Seasonal Residents

Retirees often ship a vehicle to their new location so that they don’t have to suffer through a long road trip. Snowbirds and seasonal residents also use auto shippers to move vehicles between seasonal homes.

4. Surprise Special Deliveries

Whether a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift, you may want to surprise a loved one with the gift of a new car. You can ship a car and have it delivered with a giant bow (just like in the car commercials).

5. Inheritances

Often an inheritance takes the form of an auto that needs to be transported. The executor of the estate can ship a vehicle to the new owner safely and promptly.

6. Online Purchases

Whether a special model or classic car, tech-savvy car lovers and collectors can find just what they want over the internet. Once they’ve purchased, they may want to ship their “new” car rather than have it driven to their location.

7. Special Repair Jobs

When something isn’t working right on your car, you probably just take it to your local body shop or dealer. Not so for those who own special kit cars, high-end imported cars, or classic cars. These vehicles often need special treatment that is often not available locally, so they need to be transported.

8. On the Race Circuit

In the era of the “amateur” who competes “for fun”, regional racing circuits are a big draw. Many who compete on these circuits are not ready to commit to the purchase of their own trailer to haul their hot rods, which are usually not street-legal, to the next event.

9. Trips Overseas

Thanks to the growth of the Internet, overseas sales of special models and classic cars are booming. Shipping a vehicle is the best way to ensure the purchased car is safely ensconced in a private collector’s garage.

10. Collector and Show Cars

Entrants in classic car shows are judged very strictly. Chips in the paint, mileage, and debris in the grill can all cause a loss in points awarded. Successful competitors wouldn’t think of driving their showpiece, even to the show. When they need to ship a vehicle, they hire a dependable, reputable auto transporter to give their star the treatment it deserves.

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