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5 Things You Should Expect From Your Auto Transport Company

Whether you need to ship your college student’s car from sand-filled Florida to sunny California or you’re making a move from Georgia to New York, an auto transportation company can help make that vehicle move easier. However, with many auto transport companies to choose from, there are some things you should consider before making a decision and putting your car into the hands of a stranger.

Consider these five things before hiring an auto transport company.

Inspection Report

When the truck pulls in front of your home to pick up your sedan or minivan, it should be ready to hand you an inspection report. This report outlines the condition of your vehicle. Any damage will be noted by the auto transportation company driver, but that’s not the only reason it’s important. This report should be given to you to look over and verify before you sign. This paper protects both you and the company if any damage does occur during transport.

Deposit Payment

It may not be a good idea to fall for no-payment upfront schemes, and it might be equally a bad idea to make full payment before the job is done. No payment might mean you won’t get motivated movers (or any at all on the scheduled day) and full payment puts you at all sorts of financial risk. A good auto transport company may require a partial deposit until the final delivery of your possession. This way, you are in a better position to manage promised deadlines and potential damage. Until you sign off and pay, the job isn’t done.

Door-to-Door Transport Service

Having to find your way to a transport center to pick up your car can be more than an inconvenience, it just might be impossible because you don’t have that car yet. If a company offers door-to-door transport service, you can retrieve your vehicle as close to the destination as possible. If the delivery point is farther away from bigger cities, however, you may consider meeting the auto transportation driver somewhere else if time is an issue for you.

Your Presence is Required

To protect yourself from damages or losses, it’s probably not a good idea to hire a trucking company that does not require that you or your assigned agent (a friend or family member) be present at drop-off. Not following this rule also puts them at risk, so it is generally a good idea to hire someone who wants to see you again at delivery.

Good Reviews

In the days of online reviews, it is not hard to find reviews for almost any company. The Better Business Bureau is one of the best places to look for complaints launched against companies. While every company will come away with some less-than-excellent reviews, most reviews should reflect positive experiences with both auto transportation and customer service.

Get Shipping

Are you getting antsy to go? Hopefully, now that you have these tips on finding a good vehicle transport company, you will find quality service. You’re entrusting an expensive investment to a stranger, so make sure it’s someone you can rely on.

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