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DIY Car Shipping is More Expensive

You’re crafty and thrifty, and you take pride in the drive-it-yourself approach, so you might be considering using that same approach for moving. But stop right there. When it comes to getting your vehicle to its new destination, you need to consider a few things, such as:

What method do you plan to use?

Do you have any experience doing this?

If something goes wrong, are you covered?

Let’s start with question number one, what method do you plan to use? Will it be a moving truck and hitch or maybe a large truck and hitch? In some cases, people might even opt for a large truck and ramp. We’ve seen it all.

Next, do you have any experience doing this? Unless you have moved frequently, it is very likely the answer is no. If you have never used the DIY approach to car shipping, you may be putting yourself and your vehicle at great risk.

Finally, if something goes wrong, are you covered? You will need to make sure your vehicle is covered by your insurance company while it is on transport. Furthermore, if you chose to rent a moving truck, will your insurance or the moving company’s insurance cover any possible issues like a hitch malfunction or accident? These are important questions you need answers to before starting the moving process.

Is DIY Car Shipping Less Expensive?

One of the biggest factors in choosing to ship your vehicle yourself is cost. Most people think that car shipping options are expensive, but the reality is that it could actually help you spend less when compared to shipping your own vehicle or moving it hitched to a truck.

In terms of money, there can be many unforeseen situations, such as bad weather and well, bad drivers that could cause you to spend more money in the long run. Professional car shipping drivers know how to handle these situations and are dedicated to making sure your vehicle gets to the right place, at the right time, exactly as it was when you last saw it.

When it’s your time to move, a car shipping service will arrange all the logistics, including which routes are best and which will get your vehicle to its destination in a safe and timely manner.

Driving your own vehicle will cost you maintenance, gasoline, food, hotels, and most of all, time. Remember, time is money, especially when you have to drive from one coast to another.

While the DIY approach is great for many other occasions, car shipping is not necessarily one of them.

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