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What is the difference between terminal-to-terminal car shipping & door-to-door auto transportation?

Yes, but it is not a good idea. There are no special rules or laws against placing personal effects in you car during transportation, other than illegal substances and goods. However, the insurance coverage during the transportation period only covers the car itself, not the things in it. This is why we are the Florida auto transport company that not only discourages people from packing up their autos, but suggest they take anything of value out of them as well. Goods such as stereos, radar detectors, iPods, cell phone headsets, etc., are better off with you. Furthermore, items during the ride may be jarred and exposed to a variety of temperatures (depending on the particular shipping route) which can cause them to malfunction. This holds true in basically any travel situation. Whether shipping, flying, transporting your car or riding a train, keep your personal property in your sight at all times.

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