You may need to ship your motorcycle, if so, it’s important to know how to transport a vehicle. There are seven points for you to consider before choosing one to ship a vehicle.

Ship Vehicle: The Main Points

Investigate several transport companies to decide the one to use to ship the vehicle. Get price quotes from them. What determines the price?

  • Transport distance
  • Kind of bike
  • Departing date
  • Shipping method

Ask the customer service representative about the above points. Query if the company wants you pay the full amount before shipping. Your best position is to pay a deposit and the rest after delivery. This gives you a bargaining chip for negotiations, if a problem happens during transport.

You must choose open or closed for transport of motorcycles.

Open transport is normally a low-cost choice. The best approach for longer distances like more than 500 miles is closed shipping.

The shippers place your bike into a container or tie it to a pallet, then put it into a closed trailer. This procedure protects your bike from the weather and increases security protecting from vandals.

Sometimes a transport company offers shipping to your door. But you might be required to meet the truck at a nearby parking lot at a mall or school or elsewhere to accommodate the size of the transport truck.

Always request to view the copy of the insurance coverage. Make sure it insures against damage or robbery. Check to see if you are obligated to pay a deductible, though the company might pay the entire costs because of damage during shipping or theft. Do this before you sign the agreement.

You can call your insurance company to see what is covered during shipping of your vehicle. Ask for the details of the coverage.