How to Prepare your Vehicle for Transportation

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Once you are ready to transport your car and have called the transport company to make arrangements, you need to prep your car for the move. This way you ensure the vehicle delivery is made in optimal conditions, and you know the exact condition you delivered the car in.

Unless the car is inoperable, you should get the vehicle serviced ahead of time. Make sure the car starts, stops, rolls, and breaks like it is supposed to. Check and change all fluids. Be sure the brakes are revised and in working condition. Ask the mechanic to check the battery charge and tire air-pressure as well. If the vehicle has some type of alarm system see if it can be disabled so that it is not accidentally set off during transportation.

Vehicle Transportation Tips

If there are easy-to-fix leaks repair these as well before the vehicle ships. If you find any leakage upon vehicle delivery for a car that had no previous leaks, notify the transport company immediately. If your car is being transported with an oil leak be sure to notify the transport company so the car is not placed above another when in transit. This could damage the other vehicle.

Remove any accessories attached to the car. These can include spoilers, air dams, mirrors, roof racks, and tow bars. Be sure to remove any toll road pass devices before it ships and all personal belongings from the vehicle. The only items that should remain in the car are the spare tire and jack. It is illegal for a vehicle to be transported while the owner’s personal belongings remain in the car.

Wash the car thoroughly and make note of all the exterior damage or lack thereof. Avoid filling the car with gasoline before shipping. You can always fill it after vehicle delivery occurs. Be sure to get the last car details finished long before the car is to be picked up. Do not wait until the last minute or you will forget something.

Advice Before You Car Gets Transported

When you are finished with all the car detailing be sure to get an extra set of keys to give the transporting company. These are returned to you upon delivery.

Once the driver arrives to pick up the car be sure to inspect it with him. Go over every detail and have him note the existing damage or lack thereof. Be sure to mention any problems the car may have. Go over the delivery details and the delivery address to make sure both you and the transport company understand where it is to be delivered and when.

When purchasing your car transport service consider purchasing additional liability insurance in case the car receives any damage during the transportation process.