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How To Ship A Vehicle from Florida to Hawaii

Long-distance vehicle shipment is a task that is best left to professionals. Transporting a vehicle from Florida to Hawaii is a challenge that involves getting the vehicle to California via cross country. Once on the West Coast, the vehicle must be transported over the Pacific Ocean to reach its Hawaiian destination.

The total trip is approximately 5000 miles. An undertaking of this magnitude has many practical considerations that are easily handled by professional auto transportation companies. This is a two-step process, the first getting the vehicle from Florida to California by ground. The second step is transportation from California to Hawaii by boat.

The easiest and safest solution would be to research auto transportation companies that have experience in this type of move. The first thing that comes to mind is to drive to California and have it shipped from there. That will put approximately 3000 miles on your car.

The time and the expenses of the trip, such as meals and hotels, must also be added to the cost. Car breakdowns, getting lost, inclement weather, and days on the road are factors that can complicate such a move and delay you from getting to port at the appointed time for the boat.

An auto transportation company comes with a car carrier tractor-trailer that loads your car up onto one of the car beds, in Florida. Once in California, the vehicle goes to a port, is loaded into an ocean container, and is placed on a boat to Hawaii. You can pick up the vehicle from the destination port or you can arrange to have it delivered to your new home.

It is much easier to prepare the car in Florida and then has it transported all the way through to Hawaii. Vehicles must be completely clean, inside and out, and have perfectly intact windows and windshields. It has to be in running condition with a working emergency brake.

If you decided to drive the car yourself to California, any damage incurred would have to be fixed before the car could go into the container. You would have to do a thorough cleaning while you were in your California stopover.

If you sent the car ahead and had it all prepped in Florida beforehand, it’s simply a matter of you and your family going straight to Hawaii. The next time you see your vehicle is at your new destination, in pristine condition with no added miles.

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