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Know the Benefits of Using Enclosed Car Carriers

People move all the time and they often have little time to pack and plan properly. They can hire a moving van company to move their household goods but moving cars is a more difficult decision. You can drive the car, but what if you have more than one or there is an old, expensive, or exotic car among your possessions?

This is where the car transporting carriers come in and there are two types.

1. Open car carrier

The open car transport carrier is the most common and least expensive mode. This type is a double-decker trailer, carrying 12 or so cars. These cars are driven up onto the ramps and the car is chained in place.

The cars are then hauled to their destinations, where the driver makes arrangements for the car to be picked up because most often, the destination addresses are on roads too small for the truck-trailer to be passable. The cars are exposed to potential damage from debris on the roads, ie, rocks kicked up and onto the cars’ bodies, and vandalism but usually, there is little damage except for the filth and grime of the trip.

2. Enclosed car carrier

Each car is in an enclosed box, away from the rain, sunlight, and dirt. A car owner would choose this mode if he had a fragile car, like grandpa’s old Model T, or a sports car of value, like the newly remodeled Jaguar you just finally finished. Any car of value would be safe in such a car-transporting carrier.

This is also a good alternative to move your oldie-but-goodie gas guzzler if the distance is a concern. These companies have the tools to adequately handle different types of cars, such as lift-gate loading for low clearance cars, such as race cars, and soft tire ties so that axles and undercarriage will not get scratched. Enclosed car transport carrier usually only has room for about ten cars. The price is higher since there are fewer carriers for those cars.

The price of the enclosed carrier runs 60 – 100% higher than the price of the open car carrier. The distance carried is another variant of the price. One would expect to pay $300 – $500 for this service, give or take, depending on the distance. You should get quotes from several different vehicle transporting companies and compare the prices. And the insurance coverage of the companies should also be compared for peace of mind.

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