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Misconceptions Auto Shipping Quotes

It is increasingly common to begin the buying process for anything these days with a quick internet search. Yet there is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. Any question you can think of can probably be answered online, but with this abundance of information comes a correspondingly large amount of misinformation and misconceptions. How do you find the right answer?

Use the information below to help you make a wise decision when you need an auto-shipping quote.

Misconception #1: A Quote is a Guarantee

When hiring an auto shipping company, always get a quote — generally in the form of a price range, since the final price can vary. However, be sure to read the quote carefully, even the fine print so that you know what the price covers and so that you are not surprised by things that may not be covered. Some things that might not be covered include hook-up and delivery charges as well as charges for delivering your car to your home instead of a drop-off terminal.

Misconception #2: Distance is the Only Factor in Auto Shipping

Of course, distance is a factor, but there are many other factors that affect the auto-shipping quote. The weight of your vehicle, make and model, location or drop-off yard, open or closed trailer, and whether you require express shipment or guaranteed delivery date are all circumstances that can make a difference in the amount of your final quote.

Misconception #3: The Price Will Be Lower If You Remove the Extras

Many people ask if they can get a lower quote if they remove “extras” such as hubcaps and spare tires from their cars. This sounds like it would work, and although weight does play a role in the price of auto shipping, the more important factor affecting price is how many vehicles will fit on a trailer. Yes, you can incur additional charges if your car is too heavy, but things like spare tires and hubcaps won’t affect the weight that much, and they are already factored into the standard vehicle weight.

Listening to your own gut feeling will help you ferret out what is truth and what is just misconception and rumor. To help with this, get more than one quote, look at online reviews, or even better, get a recommendation from someone you know, research the companies you are thinking about calling, and then review all the information to determine the most reliable and trusted auto transport company.

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