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Shipping Vehicles from Anywhere to Alaska

Vehicle transportation service can be a vital necessity for Alaskans. If you are relocating to the state, have purchased a car from elsewhere on the continent, or are actively participating in the automobile industry, it is likely you need a company to reliably transport your vehicle from its current location to your Alaskan home or business. Hauling trucks, freight railways, and carrier ships are all used to safely and effectively bring vehicles to their owners in Alaska.

Ocean-bound shipping services carry vehicles from their terminals along the Pacific Coast to specific Alaskan ports. Vehicles shipped using this method must be in good operating condition and adequately winterized to withstand cold temperatures well below freezing.

Also, there must only be a one-quarter tank of fuel in the vehicle at the time of shipping in order to adhere to U.S. Coast Guard regulations regarding automobile transport. Vehicles can be stored in enclosed containers as they are shipped by boat, or they can be secured in an unenclosed, open-air setting. These options vary by shipping company.

Using a railway shipping service is a viable option if you are transporting a vehicle from a landlocked area far away from a Pacific port. Vehicles are inspected to determine that they are in proper working condition, then loaded using ramps onto rail cars specially designed to haul automobiles and securely tied down.

They are then transported across North America via freight trains until they arrive at their designated destination. Some railway shipping companies also offer the convenient service of personally picking up vehicles from their starting address, taking them to the terminal, and dropping them off at their owners’ Alaskan homes or businesses.

Another shipping option is to choose a truck to haul your vehicle across North America’s highways to its destination. Companies specializing in this type of shipping designate pick-up and drop-off points with their customers. The vehicles to be shipped are surveyed to determine their condition before being carefully loaded and secured onto trailers that are built for this particular type of hauling. These companies are experienced in transporting across the borders separating the United States and Canada and will see your vehicle safely through customs.

Be prepared to provide proper documentation when shipping vehicles to Alaska. Along with keys, a shipping company may require a vehicle’s title and registration, photo identification, and other documents relating to leasing and insurance information. Also, personal belongings must be removed from vehicles shipped by land to comply with international security regulations.

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