Why You Should Not Place Personal Item in Your Car While Being Shipped

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There are times when it is necessary to ship your car or personal vehicle. This service is best entrusted to a reputable provider. As in any consumer transaction, there are important procedures to follow in order to make sure that the whole process succeeds to your satisfaction and the vehicle arrives in the same condition it left. Your vehicle will be out of your sight and control in the hands of persons you don’t know so it’s important to get certain guarantees. Make sure your transporter is insured, has excellent references, and the best personnel.

Once you have these points determined, some additional matters must be addressed. For one, thieves are constantly inventing ways to gain entrance and steal. It goes without saying that valuables must not be left in the vehicle, not the trunk, glove box, not anywhere. But it’s not just items like cameras, radios, and computers that are at risk, any item that has a serial number or any number that can be used to get personal information can be used to steal your identity. Sales slips, insurance information, any item with personal information are a risk. You should clean out the vehicle, top to bottom, to remove any traceable items that an information thief could use or sell.

Identity theft is one of the most difficult crimes from which anyone can recover. The damage can extend far beyond the inconvenience of loss of intrinsic property. The world of identity theft is dark and deep, and with a global internet environment, the damage can be extended overseas. Although your transport will guarantee for their personnel, there will be others in subsidiary roles who may have access to your vehicle. If you have it shipped to a location where it will be stored until pickup, the risk is extended to persons not associated with any contractor.

In short, do due diligence in selecting our transporter, and make sure there is no “paper trail” for an identity thief to follow by shipping a “clean” car.