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10 Things You Need to Know About Car Transporters

Whether you are moving your car to another city or purchasing a new one when hiring a car transporter, our experts suggest you have them answer the following questions:

1. Is the car transporter registered?

It is important to make sure that any company offering car transport services is registered with the Department of Transportation. So, ask what their Department of Transportation number is. Also, ask what their Motor Carrier number is and then use that number to check if they exist on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In case you are looking to have your car shipped abroad, make sure that the car transporter you choose is registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

2. How much does it cost?

You must know what the car transporter’s base charges are for shipping a car. Check out the websites of different car transporters, obtain quotes from each one of them, compare prices, and choose wisely.

3. What does the car transporter do if your car gets damaged?

You should always inspect your car thoroughly for any damages as soon as it is delivered. Make sure the car transporter you choose provides you with a proper report of damages in case your car does get damaged. In this way, you will be able to make a claim against the insurance provider of the car transporter.

4. What insurance do they offer?

You must know the insurance policies of the car transporter. It is best to have them provide you with an insurance certificate including details of coverage amounts for liability, deductible if applicable, cargo limits, worker comp, etc.

5. What are the payment arrangements?

You must know the payment arrangements and payment methods that your car transporter accepts, analyze, and choose one wisely. Some car transporters will need full payment upfront, while others will ask you to pay a deposit at first and balance upon delivery.

6. What services does the car transporter offer?

Rates and services offered by car transporters can be different, so you should shop around and understand all the services they offer.

7. How long will the car transporter take to deliver your car?

This will vary from one car transporter to another. It will also depend on where your car is being shipped to and from. Delivery dates are usually not guaranteed with car transporters, but you should know the average delivery time for your car.

8. How does the car transporter want you to get your car ready for shipping?

You should know how your car transporter wants you to hand over your car to them. Does the car need to be empty? Are you allowed any personal items inside the car? Are there any restrictions on fuel levels? Be sure to have the car ready to go.

9. What documents do they need from you?

You should know what documents are needed to transport the car. Do they require the car to be registered and insured? Do they require your vehicle to have a valid Tag? Shipping overseas typically requires more detailed documentation, so be sure to ask what is needed.

10. Reviews of the car transporter?

You should know what others have to say about the car transporters on your list. Check the reviews to make sure other clients have had a positive experience.


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