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Know Your Car Shipping Options for Your Big Move

If you’re looking to make a big move and don’t want to drive that shiny new car of yours, you’re probably researching car shipping services. Whether it’s because you’re responsible for another car such as the moving truck or the family van, are flying to your destination, taking a train, or using some other means of transportation that keeps you from using your car, having your car shipped is a good idea. There are different ways to go about it though, and knowing the difference between a terminal-to-terminal delivery and a door-to-door auto delivery will help you choose the best option. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to tell the difference (hint: it’s in the name), but knowing the pros and cons of each will help inform your decision.


When car shipping services are contracted to ship a car, be it across town, across the state, or across the country, there are two methods of pickup and delivery. The first method is known as “terminal-to-terminal”. This means the vehicle you want to deliver must be delivered to a terminal, which is a storage facility or towing service for cars, where it can be loaded onto the shipping vehicle. This is a good option for many because it is a little bit cheaper, as the transport vehicle does not have to come out to your home; it is already at the terminal. It can also be convenient for those who are unable to schedule a home pickup, or who have a home that is not ideal for pickup. Transport vehicles can have trouble maneuvering through narrow driveways or crowded neighborhoods.

However, the downside to this option is that you do have to drive your vehicle to a drop-off point, which can just seem like another added stress in the chaos of moving. You also have to find the nearest terminal where car shipping services operate, and you’ll have to arrange a way back home. Once you arrive at your new destination, you’ll have to repeat the process to retrieve your car from the terminal. For some, this is just unnecessary stress.


The alternative to terminal-to-terminal is door-to-door, which means just what you’d expect. Choosing this option means car shipping services will come directly to your home to pick up your vehicle and, in the same way, will deliver the vehicle directly to your door at your new destination. This certainly adds a level of convenience, however it can be more expensive to arrange a personal pickup and delivery, and you have to be sure to schedule a time to have the car picked up. This means you’ll have to be home at that time which might mean tricky scheduling for those who spend a lot of time at the office.

The Best Choice for You

When hiring car shipping services to move your vehicle there are two different options. You can choose terminal-to-terminal, which can be cheaper but adds an extra item to your moving to-do list. Conversely, you can choose door-to-door, which might be less of a hassle but does come at an additional cost. Either way, you can choose whichever option suits you best. Contact us for car shipping quotes today.

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