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Tips for Choosing a Reputable Auto Transportation Service

You finally found your dream car. That gleaming vision in chrome and padded leather with the rumbling engine is finally your baby. Your only problem, you are in Miami and the car is in a suburb of Philadelphia.

You should put as much care into finding a reputable Auto Transportation Service as you did finding and buying your new car. With a little homework and comparison shopping, you can get your car delivered to your driveway quickly, safely, and without breaking the bank.

Do not settle for the lowest price available. Many scam artists prey upon those looking for a cheat Auto Transport Service and you might spend your money and never get the auto-delivered. Investigate the transport companies, visit their website, and read customer reviews if any are available. You can easily see if the company has a history of providing good service in a timely manner.

Get quotes from several different transport services. Look at the details of the service to learn about special conditions. Oversize vehicles lifted vehicles, and vehicles that do not run may often cost more to transport. Looking at the details early can save you some money later on.

Make sure the vehicle arrives in the same condition it was when loaded onto the truck. A reputable Auto Transportation Service always has the driver perform a vehicle inspection before it is loaded onto the truck. He or she will compile a vehicle condition report that you can use to inspect the car on delivery.

Any damage to the vehicle before loading will be noted on the report and you will be requested to sign it on delivery. Any damage that occurred while in transit you can add to the report and file a claim against the transport company’s insurance for damages.

The vehicle report is also useful for cases of damage that you were not aware of when purchasing the car. It allows you to verify that the damage existed prior to the vehicle being picked up for transport. Pick carefully and your new car will be home safely in short order.

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