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Exotic Car Transportation

Exotic Car Transportation is becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. This allows people who have bought a car or simply need to relocate it to a new location to do so without racking up miles. Exotic cars are typically not daily drivers and need to remain in pristine condition to maintain their high values.

Auto Transportation Services

It is extremely important to have a transporter driver that knows what they are doing. Our company only hires drivers with several years of experience in not only driving big rigs but also a wealth of experience in transporting automobiles. In the auto transport business, there is no room for error like there is in other trucking businesses.

In traditional shipping businesses, if a package arrives damaged it can be sent back and replaced with a new product. While the customer may be upset that they are going to have to wait even longer to receive their new product, at least they will get a duplicate. However, if an exotic car is damaged there cannot be a duplicate.

The owner will have such an attraction to every part of that exact car. They will remember the day they bought it and drove it off the lot. It will not be the same if the car is damaged and the client is left shopping for another model of the equivalent value.

The trailers have to be narrow to ensure that the cars stay in place during the transportation process, which means the truck driver has to take the ultimate amount of care in loading and unloading the vehicles. This is why we require them to have such a great deal of experience in transporting automobiles. They also need to know how to secure the vehicle to the transporter, as connecting the straps to the wrong part can cause damage.

Shipping Exotic Cars Options

People can elect to ship their cars via an open or closed hauler. They can go a step further by deciding if they want the car to be shipped with several other cars, or on its own flat trailer. The open trailers will still keep the vehicle off the road and allow the client to ship their vehicle at a lower cost.

However, if the person decides they want to keep their vehicle out of the environmental elements, they may choose to ship it enclosed. This will ensure that the car does like to collect all those nasty raindrops and pollution coming off of other cars on the road. Contact us for the best auto transport services.

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