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Exotic Car Transporting

Exotic car transport is a slightly different branch of the car transport industry. These cars are typically more expensive, they are often rare and their owner usually cares a great deal more for their exotic car.

Car shipping companies take great care in transporting these cars across the country or internationally. Similarly, the car owner should take great care in transport and have a few ideas of what to watch for.

Covered Trailer

Exotic car transporting companies typically offer enclosed car shipping. These types of trailers offer the most protection against the elements and will conceal the vehicle from would-be thieves. The trailers are hermetically sealed to further protect their contents and are generally available to hold two, four, and six cars at a time. Make certain the shipping company of choice offers covered trailers for its exotic, antique, and luxury cars.


Insurance is a must, both for the transport company and the exotic car owner. Always request insurance documents from the transporter and go over them thoroughly. Each transport company’s insurance policy may differ and it is important to make sure every part of the car is insured.

Similarly, the owner’s insurance policy should be thoroughly read to ensure proper coverage for transporting. If the shipping company offers any extra coverage options—always get it in writing.

Tips: Before and After the Transport

It is always wise to remove any personal belongings from inside the vehicle; this is not for only the owner’s protection but the transport company’s and driver’s protection too. It is also a smart practice to snap a few pictures of the interior and exterior of the car before transport.

Once the vehicle has been delivered, a thorough inspection of the car should take place. Note any problems on the invoice or shipping receipt and make sure the driver signs the receipt with the noted concerns. If there is any damage, this is where having documented and dated photos will come in handy.

As well, the shipping company will likely inspect the vehicle with the owner and note any damages. It is important to not rush through the inspection as it is much harder to prove damage occurred during transport if the owner has already taken the car home.

Exotic car transporting takes place every day. Taking care to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, so to speak, is always good practice and can make for a much smoother and less worrisome process.

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