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How to Save Money by Shipping Your Car

Whether your car needs to be shipped just a few hundred miles, across the nation, or across oceans, knowing what to look for in a car shipping or vehicle transport company can save you tons of money. For moves across the country, whether a residence relocation or a college student just needing their car while at school, the cost of shipping a vehicle can be far less than the cost of gas, vehicle maintenance, and overnight stays when driving across the country.

The most important factor in selecting a vehicle transport company is the experience and reliability of the company. Talking to various transport companies, gathering information from the Internet as well as customer referrals is a good way of making a decision as to the quality of the carrier.

Pricing will vary among carriers and usually, the middle prices are probably the fairest. Make sure of what the quoted price includes. With very low or “bargain” quotes, there may be additional fees such as insurance, special fees for specific pick-up or drop-off dates, and deductible buy-backs. When these fees are added, the total price can be significantly more than the “bargain’ quoted.

Prior to having the vehicle picked up for shipping, visually inspect and take photos indicating the condition of the vehicle. Also, have the carrier acknowledge or document any special features or upgrades made to the car both internally or externally.

In this manner, if anything does happen during transport, the original condition of the car is documented. Also, the customer should have extra sets of keys made and keep a set in their possession. For moves within the continental United States, a transport trailer will normally be used. It is necessary to verify if the trailer is open or enclosed. An enclosed trailer offers protection against weather, vandalism, theft, and damage by road debris.

Transport companies that offer up-to-the-minute tracking by use of GPS navigation, as well as availability for the customer to access location information by smartphone applications, provides more peace of mind to the customer as well as keep them aware of arrival dates.

When shipping internationally, selecting a firm that is knowledgeable about the destination country’s import regulations, fees, inbound customs clearance, and documentation can save time and expense on the part of the customer. Car shipping can be the most economical method of getting a car to a remote or far away location once the customer knows what to ask for and what to expect.

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