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How To Save Money When Transporting Your Car

So you’ve purchased a new car on eBay and you need to transport the car from where it is located to your home. You’re probably online, looking around for information on how to transport your car from point A to point b efficiently.

On the internet, there are a lot of non-experts and misinformation that have been known to mislead customers from discovering the most cost-effective ways to transport their vehicles when the fact is: there are more economically efficient options for someone that knows the ins and outs.


If you’d like to save a ton of money on transporting your vehicles across the country. You probably discover that working with a slightly larger carrier is more cost-efficient than working with very small carriers because when they transport your car, they ship it along with 15 others, and that keeps your costs low. Essentially, they pass their savings down to you.

It’s Your Car, YOU Drive It

You always have the option of driving your car across the country and maybe you save a couple of bucks, but is it worth it? is it the most economically viable option? With the cost of a plane ticket to pick up the car, plus food and hotel accommodations, not to mention the fact that you’re missing work for a week. the likelihood that the car can break down on you and give you problems, in the middle of nowhere, this option could be more trouble than it’s worth.

Clever Tip to Keep Car Transport Costs Down

There are lots of things that can weigh a car down, even something as simple as putting gas in the tank or transporting spare tires can easily make the car you’re transporting weigh up to 500 pounds more than it probably needs to and could be the difference between saving and spending hundreds of dollars.

Million Dollar Advice: As a rule, you should only keep as much gas in your tank as you need to drive it from the carrier company to your home and back. Any more than that is unnecessary and will cost you a fortune.

Meet Me Halfway

Now, you could have your car picked up and dropped off at your doorstep, forcing the company to hire some guy for 20 dollars an hour to drive your car and your car alone to your house and drop it on your doorstep in a vehicle that barely gets 10 miles to the gallon.

Although, if you’re looking to save your hard-earned, you can arrange to have it picked it up directly from the terminal, saving you a ton of money in additional shipping fees.

Never rely on Quotes

When you receive an online quote, it is pretty much a guarantee that it will probably include a lot of services that you probably don’t need. If you pull out your credit card to pay for transportation services without proper consultation, you may be paying more than you really need for the services you require.

Feel free to visit American Car Transporters for more information on how to make your car transport safer, and more cost-effective and avoid rookie mistakes.

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