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How to Select a Car Transport Company?

An Overview of Car Transport Companies

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The car transportation industry is dependent on efficiency and convenience. Almost every vehicle on the road has been transported at one time. Even brand-new cars need to be transported from the manufacturer to the dealerships for distribution. New cars cannot be driven by the manufacturer because consumers would then consider the car to be used.

There are assembly plants all over North America and Europe in which vehicles will be transported to the dealerships. The need for automobile shipping and transportation is undoubted. No matter what the reason for transporting a car, choosing the correct car transport company can and is vital to a safe and successful process.

With improved technology, car shipping has become more and more efficient every year. Car carriers are being made safer every year with stricter regulations that enhance a safe journey. Haulers have to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure their equipment is safe and reliable.

Do some research on the company being chosen. There are so many websites that can be used to read customer reviews and ratings to help out. Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and industry-related sites are all great ways to help make an informed decision.

There are plenty of different options available when it comes to a car transport company. Each car that is transported can have different needs and parameters when being shipped. The year make and model can affect whether the vehicle gets shipped on an open or enclosed carrier. Certain types of vehicles require a certain type of carrier.

Car transport companies will be able to advise you on which one is right for your move.  For instance; if the vehicle is lowered to the ground or has a very low clearance level, it would require an enclosed carrier with a lift gate. A liftgate allows virtually any type of vehicle to be hauled. Liftgates are designed to be able to transport race cars that sit with only an inch or so of clearance.

In an opposite scenario, if a vehicle has a large lift kit or oversized tires, it will require a wedge carrier. Wedge carriers typically hold 3 vehicles and are able to transport vehicles with a high clearance level. Large 7-10 car Double-Decker carriers, like the ones you see at dealerships, cannot transport vehicles that are above a certain height (they simply don’t have the room).

If the vehicle is not in running condition, that vehicle will require a carrier with a wench. Wenches are used for vehicles that do not run and cannot be loaded by driving them onto the truck. A driver will have to physically connect the wench to the vehicle to load it on the truck. As said before, an auto transport company can have different, specific parameters and requirements.

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