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Know the Options for Vehicle Shipping

When you need to transport a vehicle, you’ll have many decisions to make, one of them being the type of carrier to use to transport your vehicle. An auto transport company can safely ship your vehicle in state-of-the-art trailers. The mode of transportation you choose will affect your budget.

In general, you will need to choose whether your vehicle will be transported in an enclosed or open-air trailer. These two modes of transportation do the same job, but each comes with its own methods for doing it.

Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons.

Advantages of Choosing an Enclosed Carrier

– An enclosed carrier will completely protect your vehicle from weather conditions and possible damage from road debris.
– An enclosed carrier uses soft tie-downs and climate control systems that protect your vehicle.
– Enclosed trailers have lift gates that help prevent damage to the car’s exterior.
– Enclosed trailers protect classic, antique, or sports cars or convertibles from road damage.

Disadvantages of Choosing an Enclosed Carrier

– Enclosed carriers are more expensive.
– Enclosed carriers can have availability issues.
– Enclosed carriers use more fuel, raise the cost of vehicle shipping, and cause more harm to the environment than open-air auto transport carriers.

Advantages of Choosing Open-Air Carriers:

– Open-air carriers tend to have more availability and lower prices.
– An open-air carrier allows you to book a group of vehicles for shipping at one time.
– Open-air carriers are more common and therefore easier to book.

Disadvantages of Choosing Open-Air Carriers

– Open-air carriers expose your car to the elements of the road and the weather.

The type of vehicle you are shipping will play an important role in determining what type of carrier you’ll choose. Weighing the pros and cons above will help you choose the method that is right for your vehicle.

Safe Travels for You and Your Car

If you’re ready to make your move, no matter how far it is, a car shipping service is a solution to your internal worry about moving your car to another state. Hiring a vehicle shipping service will get your car to your destination safely, and moving it instead of driving it will keep your car in the best shape it can be. So pack a suitcase, sit back, and enjoy your flight. Your car will meet you when you arrive.

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