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Long Distance Auto Transport

If you have accepted a promotion, got a new job, or are relocating to a new location, long-distance auto transport is a great option for getting your vehicle to its new destination.

What Vehicle Can Be Transported?

A reliable auto transport company doesn’t just handle cars. Some types of vehicles that can be transported include:

– Boats
– Motorcycles
– Minivans
– Utility trucks
– SUVs

If you have a classic car, sports car, or one-of-a-kind vehicle, an experienced long-distance auto transport company can make sure your vehicle gets to its new home safely.

Long Distance Auto Transport Options

Auto transport is not a one-size-fits-all service. There are several options to choose from, whether you’re looking for something to fit your budget or a service to transport your classic car.

Some of the options include:

Open-air transport – several vehicles are loaded onto an open trailer and transported.

Enclosed transport – your vehicle is transported on an enclosed trailer; the vehicle is completely covered and protected.

Door-to-door – your vehicle is picked up at your old home and dropped off at your new one.

Terminal-to-terminal – your vehicle is dropped off at a specified shipping terminal and picked up at another terminal in your new city.

A long-distance transport company can thoroughly explain your options and determine which one fits best with your budget and needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the most common questions on shipping a vehicle is “How much does it cost?” Unfortunately, there is no one answer. Factors like the type of vehicle, its weight, length, and the type of transport you require will determine the cost.

The distance of the move will also play a large role in how much long-distance auto transport costs. Moving from New York City to Chicago is 800 miles, which would be less than moving from New York City to Los Angeles, which is a roughly 2,000-mile trip.

Driving your vehicle to its new location might seem like the easiest option, but for some, the drive is too time-consuming, not to mention expensive. A long-distance road trip will require you to spend money on food, lodging, and gasoline. You will also be putting extra mileage on your vehicle, which means more maintenance.

If you’re considering using a long-distance auto transport company, contact the one you can trust to provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.

American Car Transporters has helped many people move their vehicles long distances. They can answer all your questions about the shipping options available and work to find something within your budget.

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