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Make Your Next Move Your Best Move

A move, whether across town or across the country is never a relaxing road trip. But, with proper planning, you can take some of the stress out of a big move.

Prepare for Your Move

A reputable moving company should offer a free estimate for your move. Check online reviews or get a referral from someone you know. Cost is often based on weight, so have a junk sale or make a charity donation before you make an appointment.

Make a list of all your accounts that may require address updates and utilities that need to be transferred or canceled and take care of it before you leave.

If you are driving your car, have a thorough road safety check. You may choose an auto transport company to move your car from your current address to your new home. If so, you’ll need to decide between an enclosed or open-air carrier and whether or not to have door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service.

Check your car emergency kit and make sure you have replacement oil, windshield cleaner, flares, and jumper cables. Check and replace your spare tire if needed.

Make sure your pets are current on their vaccinations and in compliance with the legal requirements of your new home. Keep cats in a carrier while traveling, and dogs in carriers or specially designed car seats or seat belts, for your safety and theirs.

You may arrive at your new home before the movers. Be sure to bring any essentials with you, such as cooking equipment and utensils, cutlery, medicine, and bathroom items. Also keep with you paperwork such as passports, tax records, extra checks, and other personal documents.

Get on Your Way

If you are driving, plan time for rest breaks, and overnight breaks, as this will make the trip easier and you’ll have more energy when you reach your destination. If you are using a car transport service, coordinate arrival times.

Make a plan in case you break down on the road and make sure someone knows your route, estimated time of arrival, and any stops along the way.

Keep water and snacks in the car to minimize unnecessary stops and so that you have food if there is a breakdown or other delay.

You’ve Arrived

Once your stuff has been unloaded, look for any obvious damage, and if needed, fill out the paperwork before the movers depart. It’s also up to you to check that all your items have been delivered against their master list. You should then take delivery of your car, or pick it up if you’ve chosen the terminal-to-terminal option, from your car transport service.

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