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Open Auto Transport Vs Enclosed Auto Transport

When preparing for an extended move, many people hit a speed bump of sorts when they realize they have no way to transport their car along with their belongings. Flying or having moving companies transport luggage and furniture is generally not a problem, but auto transport is often a service that does not come to mind at first.

Fortunately, we are here to help and ensure you have a stress-free move to your new location or residence, with absolutely no hassles. Our services also are helpful when transporting automobile or motorcycle purchases across long distances.

Most auto transport businesses use the open auto transport method, in which your car is stacked on the back platform of a large 18-wheeler that drives the car to the destination. However, this stacking process is rather unsafe and could result in damage to your car if the holding equipment is not properly secured.

With open auto transport, your car is exposed to the elements. Also, the car is chained onto what is essentially a bouncy metal flatbed. It’s a large load to secure and poses a risk of sliding off, right onto the road where it could both endanger other drivers and get damaged.

With this in mind, we offer top-quality enclosed auto transport services. With this type of service, your automobile is enclosed inside the trailer of an 18-wheeler. This is a much more viable option. Unpleasant surprises like cracked windshields or suspicious scratches are much less likely to occur. This kind of transport is definitely worth its weight in gold because it can buy you something much more important: peace of mind.

We are a fully licensed, well-established business that will settle for nothing less than a fully satisfied customer. We want you to leave your cars in our care with full reassurance that we will take care of such a valuable item. Ensuring your vehicle remains intact is not our only goal– we want you to walk away from a happy customer who has gotten his or her needs fulfilled.

In many cases, vehicle transport can be done in 48 hours provided the distance is reasonable. Anything from a motorcycle or compact to an SUV or truck can be moved using our services. If it safely fits in the trailer, we’ll haul it.

Overall, we hope that you will choose us for your move or keep our business in mind while looking at auto transport services. All we hope to gain from your visit is one more happy customer.

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