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Terminal to Terminal Vs Door to Door Auto Transport

If you are moving and need to move your car as well without actually driving it yourself to the new destination, there are two main forms of auto transport. The first is terminal-to-terminal car shipping, and the second is door-to-door auto transport. Both methods have their benefits and restrictions depending on where you are shipping from and where you are shipping to.

Terminal-to-terminal Car Shipping

This method involves driving your car, to a drop-off terminal where it will then be shipped to your new location. After it arrives, you will have to go to the terminal in that location to pick up your car. If for some reason you are unable to drive your car to the terminal, you can also call a tow truck to take your car to the terminal for you.

Some of the benefits of this type of auto transporting are that it tends to be cheaper than door-to-door auto transport; if traveling overseas to Hawaii or Alaska, this is much cheaper and easier than sending the car across on a ferry; and it is a much more feasible option for those who live in cities such as New York or San Francisco that do not allow 75 to 80-foot transport carriers onto small streets. The drawbacks are that you do have to take your car to the terminal, or arrange to have it taken to the terminal, and then pick it up from the destination terminal yourself.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

This method is simpler in that you can schedule to have the transport carrier come to your residence to pick up your car, ship it to your destination, and then drop it off at your new residence at the final destination. It takes the hassle out of having to move your car as well as all of your belongings because you simply schedule to have the company pick up your car for you and then drop it off.

However, you have to make sure to schedule the pick-up/drop-off plenty of time in advance of the actual pick-up and drop-off dates to ensure that you get the dates you want. Another concern for this method is that most residential streets will not allow a 75 to 80-foot transport carrier, and you must schedule a pick-up location such as a nearby parking lot. While this does involve dropping your car off, it will be much closer than driving to the closest terminal, so is still more convenient.

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