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Tips on Preparing for Your Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycle ownership has increased steadily during the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. While owning a motorcycle may not be for everyone, those who do own them appreciate its many benefits: they are a relatively inexpensive, convenient way to get around town.

Although it’s not something you think about every day, if you move, your motorcycle may be easier to transport than a car. For major cross-country moves, you’ll want to use a company that specializes in motorcycle transport to pack up and ship your motorcycle to your destination.

Follow the tips below to prepare your motorcycle for transport and ensure that it arrives at your intended destination safely and in good condition.

Prepare for Motorcycle Transport

There are several steps you should take to ensure your motorcycle transport goes off without a hitch. By following these steps, you’ll reduce the likelihood of anything going wrong during the process and also reduce the possibility of potential damage to your motorcycle.

Battery and Gas Tank

Most car shippers require you to empty your car’s gas tank, except for the small amount required to move it on and off the truck. Your motorcycle transport will require that you empty your tank completely since it can be moved without being turned on and driven.

In addition, you should remove the battery, so that it is not exposed to extremely high temperatures or other conditions that might cause the motorcycle to be damaged. Some transporters require the tank to be half full, the battery charged, and the tires inflated, so check with your company to be sure.

Wash Your Motorcycle

Thoroughly wash and inspect your motorcycle. This will give you a chance to examine and catalog any scratches, dings, dents, or other damage that your motorcycle already has before you entrust it to someone else to transport. You can also photograph your motorcycle from all angles to have a visual record of its condition before the move.

Secure Loose Parts

If there is anything on your motorcycle that could come loose and fall off during the move or while the motorcycle is being transported, you should either make sure it is secure or remove it if possible. For example, saddlebags, the exhaust, tank bags, and fairing should all be secured to reduce loose parts being bumped around during transport. These parts can be secured by tying them all together and keeping them supported and stable while the motorcycle is being moved. In addition, your mover is generally not responsible for these types of items.

Check the Tires

Make sure the tires are properly inflated and check your motorcycle for fluid leaks. Also, a quick check should be done to ensure that the motorcycle is functioning properly and that all parts are working before being transported. If you find any issues, consult a motorcycle mechanic to determine what needs to repair before you have it moved, and what you can have repaired at a later date.

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