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We Ship Military Vehicles and Construction Vehicles

If you have a military or construction vehicle that needs to be shipped, let our company do it for you. Shipping packages is one thing, shipping a bulky, and extremely heavy, military or construction vehicle is quite another. Are you wondering what it takes to ship such vehicles?

There are a few things you should know about the shipping process, and we have compiled a comprehensive review of what you can expect.

For military and construction vehicles, you will need to reserve a spot for vehicle shipping. Since some of these vehicles may weigh over 6,500 pounds, they will fall into the roll-on/roll-off cargo category. This means that at the time of your reservation, you will need to provide your vehicle’s weight, height, width, and length.

At registration, you will also need to provide the shipper’s name, which would be you, and whoever will be picking the vehicle up, known as the consignee. You will need to provide a phone number you can be reached on, the port your vehicle is leaving from, as well as the port your vehicle, will be arriving at.

You will also need your vehicle information, like the VIN and license plate number, and you will need to have an idea as to when you need your vehicle shipped.

To prepare your military or construction vehicle for shipment, there are a few conditions you will need to follow. First off, you will need to ensure that your vehicle is operating properly and that you deliver the vehicle to us with one-quarter, or less, of a tank of gas.

You will need to disconnect alarm systems, and you will need to remove any firearms, ammunition, hazardous materials, and fire extinguishers that might be in your vehicle. Your vehicle will need to be clean of mud, dirt, debris, animal manure, and insects.

When you arrive with your vehicle to drop it off, you will be given a Bill of Lading to fill out, which is a contract between you and our company. On this document, you will fill out all pertinent information, like name, address, and the port your vehicle will be leaving, as well as the port where your vehicle will be arriving. You will need to decide how you are going to pay, and you need to present a valid I.D. and any documentation related to your vehicle.

When picking your vehicle up, simply provide your I.D., and you will be given the keys and taken, to your vehicle. At this point, you should thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any damage that may have been sustained during its shipment. American Car Transporters is your reliable source for car shipping services in the US.

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